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What We Do

On the path to building a team, it’s necessary to have the appropriate framework for the team structure to focus on key attributes required to accomplish the vision. To  successfully execute your vision, a strategic plan is needed to execute to help the team get there.  Sansa Solutions can provide consultation and manage the implementation necessary to take your vision to operationalization.

Based on over 10 years of experience partnering with organizations and business leaders, we discovered that investment in human capital is key to successful objective outcomes. Sansa Solutions partners with your organization to provide consultation services in the areas of Business Management, Learning & Development, Corporate Training, Program and Project Management to help deliver on your business objectives.

Business Management Consultation

Sansa Solutions partners with your organization to identify the gaps, perform data analysis to implement issue resolution, create value, maximize growth, and improve business performance. We help identify options, advise on strategy recommendations for change, as well as manage the development of a high-performance team to implement solutions specializing in Business Strategy Development, E-Business Development, Information Technology Initiatives, Program and Project Management.

Learning & Development Consultation

Our Learning & Development mission is to provide strategies, enhance skills, and support the development path to achieve career aspirations.  We believe people have unique experiences, strengths, and talents. Given the environment to achieve amazing accomplishments, develop new skills while further developing natural strengths is the greatest reward. If you agree, let us show how Sansa Solutions can help.

Lisa-Marie Johnson

Principal Management Consultant

My passion is coaching and mentoring; providing support to enhance strengths and achievements.

About Us

Sansa Solutions is an innovative management consulting firm with over 10 years of experience. We believe the key to success starts with your organization’s vision. We partner with your organization to develop the strategic plan and implementation roadmap to deliver on your objectives and reach successful goal outcomes. Sansa Solutions was founded with the mission of partnering with organizations big and small to help them realize the path to take their business from vision to operationalization. Leveraging the firm’s vast educational, corporate, and community service experience to provide the skills necessary to deliver successful outcomes.

We specialize in Learning & Development Initiatives, Business Management, and Project Management to drive growth, efficiency, and excellence.

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