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What We Do

On the path to building a team, the appropriate framework of key skills and experience is required to successfully meet objectives to accomplish your company’s vision.  Sansa Solutions partners with your company to develop a strategic plan from implementation to delivery.  Sansa Solutions manages the implementation necessary to take your vision to operationalization.

Learning & Development Consultation

Sansa Solutions assesses the company’s learning needs, identify potential skills gaps, and recommend learning solutions. Learning needs assessment and data analysis results are leveraged to design the appropriate learning solution, skills program, or development module. Sansa Solutions also manages the objective-based training implementation and conducts KPI / ROI metric evaluations.Sansa Solutions provides employment skill and development training for high school students leveraging modern learning methodologies to teach skills required to communicate effectively with hiring personnel by engaging in exercises that challenge the mind and develop the ability to promote their marketable experience. Let us show how Sansa Solutions can help.

Program/Project Management

Sansa Solutions provides program and project management from planning, execution, through to delivery of initiatives designed to achieve your company’s objectives within the defined schedule and budget.Sansa Solutions aligns the necessary projects, strategic planning, manage resources, monitor and control execution and manage change control as needed to ensure that the program stays on track to achieve its objectives. Sansa Solutions program managers work with project managers and stakeholders to ensure alignment with the program's goals and overall strategy.Sansa Solutions project managers are responsible for defining project objectives, creating project plans, identifying and managing risks, allocating resources, and monitoring progress. They will communicate with stakeholders to keep them informed of project status and make adjustments to the project plans as needed to deliver a completed project that meets the specified requirements within the constraints of time, budget, and quality.

Business Management Consultation

Sansa Solutions provides a business gap assessment to provide recommendations to grow and improve business performance. Sansa Solution will advise on strategy recommendations for change, manage solution implementation: Our focus: Business Strategy, Planning and Development; Information Technology Infrastructure Development, Business Operations Management.

Lisa-Marie Johnson

Principal Management Consultant

My passion is coaching and mentoring; providing support to enhance strengths and achievements.

About Us

Sansa Solutions is an innovative management consulting firm with over 10 years experience, founded with the mission of partnering with companies big and small to help them realize the path to take the company from vision to realization.  The key to success starts with the company’s vision. Sansa Solutions partners with your company to develop the strategic plan and implementation roadmap to deliver the goal objectives.  Sansa Solution’s provides the skills necessary to deliver successful outcomes.

Sansa Solutions, LLC is a certified woman minority business enterprise specializing in Learning & Development Consulting, Program / Project Management, and Business Management Consulting.

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